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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>eloping new night. toadodier states ofmergcms over two dozen twisters car a deadly p of destruction. hundreds ofomes ppdecimated. for the fst time wee se the masve scope of t t damage. targeting trum a & critical night f ruz a a rubio. it could their las chance to bluntonald trump' truru m m m to qh nononation. super lice ` warning. stking in 250states. extremely resistant to& the@aye@su 4 get r of them. wh everyarent shou know. don't drink the water. another g ty warns its residents s ouwhwhwh
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that made e andrewswsws d leave the e e troom. jurors see the tape that she sa tutned her life nto a ightly ns" begins >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with states of emergegey are e & d nonoh carolina rht now. amg the placeseshat t p took destating blo from aa deadly and violent storm that rampaged from the south up the eastern seaboa. dadawe're seeing t u extent of e dadage from some 5050eported tornoes pover the lastptwo daysy nini peoplwere killed.llioer edm ed a powew&tudes,s,s, loods ancanced flighds. night the regis stil ying to rerer. nbc's miguel almaguer reports. >> rorter: tonight thth is what dame oked li in seven stat. homes have beeee shredded, lives e in shambles, )fter morehan 5050epord tornadoes. >> i wenento see where
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was, it wasn't there. >> reportrr: in waverl virginia, there's as mucheart peak estrtrtion. the tornadn with winds up to 110 miles && ananour carving a p ph nine m mes long and 300 yards wide. that l lt in the bull's- adults and a toddlediscovered 300 yards s ay from ththli room where they were trying to de out the stororor t uld be your loved one. the fefeing is >> reportetf t ta jones lost her 2-ar c c cian, . w as herlearrynd ieie devivi. >> my uncle washe best. he w w funny.. >> repter: in all, at least the rereonon >> n ncluerereven the bung i >eporter:n north rolina, sboro road is onnn obliterated. ththtornado peeled the of and walls pam we's usus e and d r husband, , , nt ld
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real ge >>s all gone. >> it's all gone. r rorter: overnini powerful l l s flipped a semimin new york city.ononeaeaeaeangsld, fallll trees t/re down electricalalirir arking fir. anthis morning, th amatatat rereueuefter a coast guararboatat helpinnd sh vessel c csi the fisherhahato be a ft to o . an ef-2ornado in pennsylvania crushed more than 50 homeses rtrtof ash country leveled.d. in a community that uses n electricity, is the power of & hbhb helping nehbor. whoooominutes destro ow take mohshs ` ishray storm st plowed a path across people showi very on one block alo, the damage can easily be in t llions. and whi the storm ved through this community in a mter of minutes, i i will takekeonths to rebeililil lester? muel almaguer tonighghhank you. a critical night for pridenen
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before pepetuesday, when ters in a dozen states go to the polls. and it could be the la shoho for t t cru andarco " rubio d/d something, anything, to k dld trump offffis march to the nominati. antiti, the clinn campmpgn straragizing not onlnl about mocratic opponent bernim sanderer but alsls looking ahead to a potential matchup with trump in the fall. we he it all cover arting with nbc's hallie jackson n hston. hallll? >>eporter: good d eneng, lester.. ririt now, donald trump appes to bleg in all ofhose per tuesdastates, exexpt f f e tas. we're hare t/tight. he'll a ain b a a ceer ste, and a ththcentnt of th bull's-eye. texas, where evererhing's bigger, so a the stat at t night'debaba. the last stand b bore super tuesday for donald ump'p' rivals to stop him. hehe facing fire today, not from m his competitors sf usn, but ross the border. >> we're going to build a wall, and who's gointo pay for thth wall?
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wawaof words, colorfufuones with p xi's fr presididt. 0>> i i n going to pay fofothat [ bleep ] wawa hehould pafor r . he's got the monen. >> repororr: tru now demandjng cente fox apogize as h h get r for a 9different battle w wh ted cr andndarco @ruruo in tex. itit the sunshine statat whertrump looks hot. 9topping 40% there in the first poll since jush droppepeout. mamao rubio trailing 16. feeling ththat on his home turf. ruo's aides tell n n ne watch fohimito h h h p for his positions onon el and he cnigh r p sttetest guarananes a viory y lolodada tweeting, take it toto rubio netoin ted cruz needso o new numbers show cruz stilin command in his home state e e trump ananrubio jocking for second placece a uz ae tes nbc respononon tototoationse'll faceut d d
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both rubio and d ump. >> we can't be fooled by p.t. barnum. th time for the clowns andndhe acbats and the dancncg bears s passed. >> f f tonight's debateteo tter on tuesdadadanene of two @ things must ve. nald tmp mt havev& his wot dedete so fa or ted uz or mao ruo mu b to nd lipunch trp. >> repter:ettiti up a wil nighin the wild st. llie jacacon, c news housn. >> reporr: i i isten welker in myrtle beac where hilllly clinton is setting her sisits on donaldru.. >> it's been most t me to sesomebody who affae. allylyrara in n e ejejices ppananpararaia >> repteer campaiai girdrdg g r a poial genenel ection mchup, nding out a everything's coming up trump. her top surrogate & taking cocsntntnt >> he wants totoake erica grt again. i don't think amica ever stopped beg great.
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again. wherer'ra part of it. >> r rorter: campaign sources p lling gbc news theye wowoing on challenge trumpms visive a unconventi campaignf clclton n shou win p the nomition, wi a strategygygy thth migig also o unconventional. the st naonalng gives clton a decisive vtoryryver trump, 50% to 40%.%. but clinton n s a more immeate battle taking bernie sanders in s sth carolina, , , where a black s matter activis cocoronted clinton last nighd foror seeming to drage black youth while talking abouthe ug lem as f fst lady, sc, quote,redators sayini, we n nd to bng theheto hle tot in a atement, clilion yi, oking ba, i shouldn'have used the words. still,he moment underscores her r allee connnnting with some youou voters.s. >ry personn thisoos ormouslyowererl. >>eportehehe coueo ococto senat rnieanders, againnoday ohoh, and fli
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ededoriaiaia t tight calls on clinton toelease the transcripts from those& id speecs she gave 9 wall street,, arguing the stonewalling only s spspulatiojo cou be a clcnd that hangn over her cpaign ether she' taking on senator sanaor thehe gop nominee. gd ib? fbsz lester? >>risten, thank you.u. ft'bring in our political dideorormodetor of "meet e prprs," chucuctodd. u'veveeen doing the math, hoho mit th play t p for trump his vals? it ou esesma of the dele 9cois going to lo like afr super tuesesy. itgt over here on the e e ard over here.esseiaiay ififonald trump wins all these super tuesday states with about % of the v ve like he di in souththcarolina he will b bld a a aittle er a 100elegate lead, starting the methodal marcho e nomination.. and then he has a chance to ceceratet, a esseseia p cinch nomination two weeks lar. how dodo he do it? if he wins a of these winner take alllltates,y
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by beativg rub, he ts to 650 deleletes.basically halfway to magic c numbererer 1,237,7bnd heouldlde well on n hikiway. however, if jo kasich can beat trump in ohio and marco rubio can beat trump in - orida, l lk atatow the delegate map chges.s. we did the mathere.. lester, is the boom line? erers two scenarios lele in the e publican nonationace. donald trump wins this nomination by marcrcrc 15th, we'r'b aded tclevanin ntested convention. there is nother scenario >> all r rht.. uck, t tnkou high dma tonight the & ttle between apple and the fi. the cocoany filea tion today thr out a judge's's's order for it to hehe the fbi crk k iphone used by the s bernardino klers. sayi theeds are ekekg g ngouwe a a of it ape siders say t co is now working on a w versrsn that wouldlde impossible to unloco by y yone but thththth.
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williams has details. >> reporter: applele alys made security a selling point. >> these are the new iphonene >> reporter:r:heheit released the iphone 6, snowden rnrng about goment rveiance, apppe a point of saying it wo loloer help picic get newwhones whe they locked,ven when served with arch waanan noapple is trying to make t phonessecu, develop an iphone that cannot be - unloloed by anne but the user, , not bybyhe police, not eveneny ple itself. it's fhting`the fbi i which was apape modif th software in the phone toisararar the secutynd l l entststs to unlock an iphone used by one of the san b bnardo attaers.s. the fbi director told ngrere today it's s lead that mustste pursrsd. >> we mu do o competene& vestigation fofoowg the murd of 1414eople in san bernardino. and w w willll and we'll use e atever lawful l tools are available to us. >> reporter: apple said the f f is trying totoorce it to create a brard-new version n :the
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softftre, and it says thth gogornment cannnn do th. younot t k a a& prate e citizen n caee prodt fo anit canant ask p apple to change the iphone in ways that was ner intended to besed or to be employed in. >>orte app toy to dge ininan bernarno tt what the f wants would createte a back door, leaving personalal information vulnererle to hackers, i intitit. thieue stililreign agenes anan rranted d vernment eillancece next week both apple and the fbi ll face off in a hearing g capipipihill. theyeyh say it shld be up to congre, nonothth courts, to settle this fit. pete wililams, nbcbc news, a the`e supreme court. chillili and uncomfortable p moments cou today that prompted star sporor anchor erin andrews s leave t urtroom, as jurors saw for the first time the tape at the center of her lawswst against a tetegiant that captured her private @ momentin her hotel room, shot by a stataer in the ro next
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we get me from nbc's morgan raraord. >> reporter:od the video p that s says anged her life was own to a rm full of ranger erinndrere stepped t ashe sat in the dada watchihi those ol imamas ( vied most 17 million mes. >> so o o ithe firsone at the naonml marriott, correceg >> yes, thisisone of the -- once it's on the ininrnet, 's ononhe internet. maeople have diduales outhere >> repr:ha barrett altered the peephole of andrews' door a a filmed hereretting drdrsed in 2008. p the former insurance execute admitttt t tfollow her to thredifferent hotels across the couny. caught in 2009, he offered a tearl apologs he was sentenced to 2 1 1 yes innjail, begging for foiveness. his apology isn't't good enough. it doesn't'take down the videde off the internet. i'veveried enough. it's not taking e video down. ( rorter: earlier day, andrews' therapist testified by video, descring the pac andrewfelt when her stalker got out of j jl and
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told. >>he w extremely ncerned that thiwoul rerevigo the story on the intntne >> reportere arews is eected d to takthe stnext ek. aring new testimomom fr the n e says left her hurt and humiliated. morganfordnb news.. the peoplelef ckson, ssisppi, a a facing a scary d unfortunately liarar ding crisis s er le fouou drinking wate chdren and pregnant won ve beenenarned not to drink the wawar in this city of more than 170,000 people, where 30% live below the poverty line. ` asphphie gosk pos,hehe esessh eyar so. re lings tte op o jackson. many like thmother of three rry their city is another flint. >> jt totoear r at water is gone wng in another r city, inin another ste, and now my own city and sta.(( it'something i iouou have never thought of. epteffls
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the comparons, while 9he same te rning prnant womom anchildren under 5 not to drk the tap water si mo sml chdren n nd le teing, and e eryen shouou avoid hot wated run thp two minutes bebebe 9ing it. te problems begag laststune. ome samps d d le lev si month later, 10% of the homes t tted d high. at was whehe the state alerted city leaders. the public wasn't warned unt wednesday. nearly eight m/mths after r e first high rdis. state officicis say thth were follg 0guideleses w w w done tly y athe federarequemen wereor a ag time. >ououook at requirirents and ur evaluation is actual not sufficientnt >> they're not fficient. an've made the chgegeo o that they wiwi b bmore sufficient. >> repepter: it wo b an easy ` fix for jackson. the mayor said the plpl need urgent upgrade. anddhere is a lotot of lead ithe aging water system. a oblefacing nenely every ty. leais all or
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titialss orter:t isis parents have be callingngll dayay >> better to bsafe than sorry. children at stste. >> reporter: m mica churchcht bottled watet t int.t. bu now s s wdede i they should haept here. stephanie skc news, , ckson, misssippi >till aheaea ere tonight,he r f fm so-cald susur lice. itit much more ubborn to o t rerey ato o i iur ds c homeit. >>al, spos superstaade drm comerue for a litttt who bame a viraraseation. ananandidn't'vet he alonen there e re people who list along the way. pepele who gave me optio. ke mon track. and througit all,my retirement ner gogoehind. so tod, , m prepep r hi may want tomorrow to be.
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usaa. w wknow what it means serve. gut an ao insurae quote , see why of our members p,an to stafor life./ if you have school age children, mae you've dealt with it, or you likely know a family who has -- - lice. the cdc repoup to 12 million children a year will get lice. and tonight, that important warning you need to hear. research now showsn outureak ofcaed super licemu restant to treatment in 25tates so far.. we explain howo stst it. >> reporter: -year-old lyla is getting checked for lice today. su enough, they' back aga. her ther, andrea, ar for her familyly >> she was itching her !9head. u know, she waw itching her head. itasn't like she was one. scieists have recently
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in overerer-c.uer eatments.. the soalled susur r lice have now sprere to 25 at. >> =t's importannot to panic. licere a hea hazard. thonon transmi sease.@. >> reporte to kill thessuper li, experts adse first t y learning how to comb emut. e -tounter trtrtmen repeatatlylyver sevel weekek ask your doctor for presiption & treatments wash clothing an linens in hot t water. or thers also a lice clinic liar hair >> therehingngo of. wel kids, it's'# fault. body gave it to yoy. >> reportete lyla is s s op it from spreadadg. >> they have a a aay. ust eir spray. befofe i go to school. >hatb do you a your girlfriends do? do you shaha hats, ir brush? >> no, i get my hair ush, a sincwe're t f phe a lot, weave to maksure our heads aren't togethe >> reporter:amilils need to super vigilan
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5:53 pm around nevadgovernor brian sandov isver before the trial balloon even got off the ground after word yesterday that the white house was vetting the republican for the court vacancy. aid today, no thanks, telling the white house he doe not wish to be job. rprise ahead the oars. vice president joe appear at the ceremonyny spotlighthe sue of campus sexual assault. and the efforts he's leading to fight it. gaga'serfoance of eongil it happens to you" featured in the campus sexual assault documearye hunting ground." a little boy who touched so got the thing he most desired. the 5-year-old wanted thjersey
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tonight cosu tuesda the biggest prize on tht map ti ie texas. we wantet%to knowhat will cidehis crucial l race for voters there. we asker kevin bbles to texas town serers "wthth people." p0 reporter: it's a bierind blo thrgh the oil fields south of san antonio. heren carnrn city, people say 95% of the jobs depend onnhe price of a barrel of the black stuff. and it's dropped like a stone. >> it's horrible. >> reporlrr: chaz hicksanag a small oirve e e an % ofis biness & has vavish he wants theconomy back o track. we haveo let somebody go. it weighs on you after a while.
5:58 pm
27 wita faly, a mortgage and no job. >> it will breakakou down as a man. i ha a 7-monththld@ little girl that relies on me that didn't't asasfothth life. >>eporte hs e ndf cande he's looki for. - >>omeone fhat's into fight r . -(>> r rorororite sorn rder lesanan`` , , , !!the isise of jd & immigration go hand in hanananaa ee and betet t t r r i i hoho immmmmmtitiononon t t t do wh &&&&&e e reientntnt ourur st u bveve job. s s s smingngroro tikghtheir >> repeptututunlnl o @ @ @ bed off. p >> i think we should ild a wall. you don't want me to tell you wh kind of wall i would build. reporter: this woman rejts the osed b rderridid. >re coming from a differert background. >> reporter: in n plalalwhere opportunity has dried up, it is troubling r young
5:59 pm
i'tnow wher i'm ing to be or what i'i' g to b b oing, b g g g g to go t/4 rkrk epeptererend , ere@ i i nooign n n n e windndhangin directctn.n. ken le nbcbc news, carnrncity, , tes. that will dot for us on thuhuday night. i'm lesterrolt reportinfrom our studios in l angele for all of uatbc te's'sea will be hard on our agency and the ls wi be feltlt for/a long time. communin mourninafaf the e e ly y yoting ononon bailey... hohothl l l ll y y n n n n n memberd plushe n ndebeter &&ckckg a a a a e colorado.... eueueueu news five.. ue cehehehohohooud d the key tonlocking a cold case. hello everyoyond thanks s s
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i'm rob b b b anm lasasayaen. an update now to a news five alert we've been tracking since 5- e`eyououy nsasreffis rngeer fofope t w w wd to an instrial compl...andeg shoong. ana3a3a5ntz others unded, aatat toxar hos. isisnew video inin wswsom. . ooooplple e e eel industries, which mafactures lawncare prodududu..n hesston, kaas, , r h h wicicta. . . e rvey csheriff confirms theot w w an empl. he a aoasays thehe e e e to 5 crime scenes where s sotingsgs& ok p pcecece and s tht suspect did not him. we wl coinue to track this..d-veloto.a.a b b b you new formatn we geg% it, on a onenet koaa- dot-m. w t/ a'll only see newu u( ththght betweeeeeeee f-b-i to unlock e e ne of e sarnardinoerroristst..hahahaplications that could fect a higigigile case in


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